A Missed Adventure

I love to go for rides on my bike
The rise in my acceleration
Made the wind touch my skin ferociously
Which gave me million thrills
I maintained my mind in conscious state and control over my bike
even though speed limit crossed 60 kmph
This speed never harm neither me nor fellow passengers on the road
But one day….
It was a pleasant evening
I went on a ride for a beach view to warm up my heart with the ocean breeze
The ocean breeze touched my skin gentle
That day for the first time my speed was limited to 10kmph as I was enjoying the touch of ocean breeze!
I felt that day should be labelled as the best day in my dairy
Little did I should have knew that there was pole ahead
as there were no street lights to see
A boutique named ‘Aarna’ drawn my attention
I lost my focus and hit the pole
Before I could get my consciousness back and realise what had happened
The inflicts were major!

* Speed never devastated me, when I’m conscious, but my unconscious mind and lost focus did *

Noone can neither harm you nor help you, its only you could do both for yourself!

Stay focused and conscious either on road or life to avoid inflicts to you and to your loved one’s.


The Deep Blues!

Standing on the cliff
Turning eyes on the sea
The waves of sea are crashing
Onto the rocky shore
Every wave inevitably fading away
A serene caress from the deep blues,
Waves tickling my toes
I felt millions of kisses from the ocean lips
Sometimes benign yet often vigorous
The breeze fondling my hair and face
Enclosed my body acknowledging its presence
The wind roaring like a lion
Yet so demure and dazzling
It’s only the ocean you could find both the beauty and mystery
The sound of the wave often changes from a rhythm to fatal silence
Sometimes I talk, waves listen
But mostly waves talk and I listen
I often ponder ” is it the waves kissing me or the ocean from its heart!”

Photo credits : Auditya Venkatesh,


The Real Hero’s!

I think most of you who opened this blog, might be musings it’s about some bollywood or Hollywood stars. As you go further it may disappoint you as it doesn’t consist of any bollywood or Hollywood stars.
It consists about real hero’s who were still selflessly serving food to everyone around 365 days.
Yes, this blog is all about ‘Farmers’ whom are to be labelled as ‘Real Hero’s’ .

Food – the 3rd most essential thing for every living being to survive.
Farming isn’t an easy task and farming isn’t a cheap occupation to look low. Even though the world running with science and technology. Till today they aren’t much smart techniques for developing agriculture.
The process for a bag full of eatables:
1. A crop is selected for cultivation based on demand, budget and on climatic conditions.
2. The land is checked whether it is free from disease causing bacteria and checked weather it’s suitable for that selected crop.
3. At optimal whether conditions seeds are sowed.
4. Irritation and watering
5. Crop growth
6. Weed removal
7. Harvest
To harvest a crop for one bag full of eatables wasn’t an easy task. It includes many sleepless nights. A slight change in climate there’s a min heart attack for every farmer. If there isn’t proper rainfall after sowing seed in the field all his struggle go in vain.

” Imagine our country full of money and treasures but we couldn’t feed our hunger.”

Dreadful to imagine .
Can anyone survive with money they have at such situation? No! Then why are we bringing such situations to our country.

“Irony the person who is struggling to provide everyone food, he can’t even effort a three meals per day.”

In this era, the world is running on social media. We don’t need a newspaper to write nor a TV show to telecast . We expose each everything on social media. Why don’t we expose each and every problem farmer’s are facing today and bring them some support. We don’t need to give them money or lands all they need is support for our side.
Support every farmer needs from government :
1. Government should provide them 0% interest loans.
2. Government should market their product with good profits.
3. When any damage caused due to natural calamity government should bare atleast 50% of the crop loss.
4. Providing with electricity and water.
5. Fertiliser at lower prices
6. Government should provide them with a mentor to guide them as most of them are uneducated.
7. Using much smart techniques.

Media should enlight the problems of every farmer and bring them support from government.

Farming isn’t a cheap occupation a farmer is a person who is selflessly working to provide everyhouse with food.

” A doctor’s son is a doctor
An engineer’s son is an engineer
But a farmer’s son isn’t a farmer.”

No farmer asks his son to be a farmer as they face many problem while make money through farming. They feel they belong to a lower class in the society. Many of the farmers sell their lands and migrate to near by cities.
No where in school or college none of the textbooks explained the importance of farmer’s and farming to the young minds. How like a doctor, an engineer professions are explained same as a farmer should also be explained. Every young mind should know the importance of a farmer for the society.
Government should provide the basic needs to every farmer. Government shouldn’t permit any agricultural lands for industrial use, only barren lands in a village should be given for industrial use.

My message to all the youngsters who read this is to encourage farmer’s and farming. Our country is said to be developed when we develop our agriculture.

My 21st Birthday!

My 21 St Birthday ~20 August 2018
” Happy Birthday Laddu!” she yelled with an exictment in her face with a box in her hands which is very colourfully wrapped standing next to my bed she blasted a balloon over my head to wake me up!

‌”OMG! How lucky I am! To see a birthday like this” I felt when I heard my first wishes from my sister. Felt happier for her crazy thoughts , for the best wishes and for the surprises too. Next comes my little brother who was awake till 12 just to wish me first which I felt worthy than any other gifts. The very early morning my parents blessed me saying ” hope you would clear your backlogs and be a successful women” I felt happier for such genuine blessing which are given to me from the bottom of their hearts.

‌When I’m a kid I was excited about birthday as it brings party and chill out with friends but later as teenager I wasn’t much excited anymore and I lost interest too but turning 21 I was much excited donno for what reasons. That day my best friend made a burst out with laughter all day long till I
get exhausted even she made it a memorable one!

After a busy day I reached home with a bigger smile on my face showing that I’m very happy
‌As I’m completely exhausted I had dinner and went to bed early, there will be always a time gap between getting on bed and falling asleep no matter how exhausted. There comes a voice in my mind sometimes it recalls the things I did that day or sometimes things to do the next day . But neither of these things came into my mind that day. That day my thoughts are completely different they are all about my ‘future’! Strange I couldn’t sleep when I recall my past mistakes and came to know how are going to effects my future. All my mistakes from past ages are believing fake things are real ones, taking temporary people close to my heart and neglected studies. These 3 are the mistakes which I did in my past.

‌I thought these kind of mistakes shouldn’t be anymore and I didn’t feel sorry too, feel sorry or down hearted does nothing. All I wanted now is “Change” in my thoughts for a better future. Feel Sorry real does nothing but a changed behaviour do! This what I believe.

‌As how I’m expecting My 21 St birthday to be, it turned beyond my expectations. Turned into a memorable one from my first birthday wishes to sculpturing my thoughts in much better way for better future, everything was beyond my expectation .

My only wish ~to be is better than “Yesterday “!


Let me introduce myself first, I am Akhila a 3rd year Engineering student at Andhra University with 12 backlogs, isn’t it sounding strange? Someone tell about their failures in the introduction of their first post of a blog! Let me tell you one more thing that how did I felt when I came to know I had 12 backlogs at the end of my 2 years of engineering. I didn’t feel sorry!

Is this again sounding strange? But this is true, I really didn’t feel sorry, feeling sorry doesn’t change anything. It’s just an act for renting depression into your life. According to me feel sorry is ‘Corecting mistake with a changed behaviour’

So I decided to correct my past mistakes but I was lacking courage with a doubt in my mind whether I could clear my backlogs or not within a period of time. I made a move to overcome this fear with starting something new.

Starting something new is like “Flowers perquisition for sunshine after a heavy rain!” How like flowers look aesthetic and vigorous with the touch of sunshine after a heavy rain, even my life turned something aesthetic and vigorous when I started trying to be better than yesterday!

No matter how exhausted I am, there will be always a time gap between getting on bed and falling asleep. There comes a voice to question me . Every night that voice comes with a same old question “what have you come up today?” and I couldn’t give an answer!

But one day I could give an answer for the questions which I left unanswered for past 2 years! That day I wasn’t haunted by the voice anymore as soon as I answered the questions I fell asleep. That night I had a very peaceful sleep which I couldn’t have for past 2 years. The very next day I handpicked to do only things which makes me better than Yesterday, so that I could give an answer.

It might sound strange but to my consideration answering questions gives me a tranquil sleep and wakes with a juvenile mind which I couldn’t compare it’s worthy.

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